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Customized Training Programs

PCI offers training to its current clients in the following areas:

  • Windows 95/98/Office Applications
  • Netscape E-mail and Web Browser
  • R:base 4.5 through R:base 2000 (6.5)
  • Network Administration using NT or Novell Networks
PCI will develop a customized training program with each user group depending on the needs of the group. The number of classroom hours will depend on the extent of the training required. For one or two persons the training can be done at PCI. For more than two, the training must be done at the client's site

Mr. Pichler has considerable experience at the collegiate level teaching a variety of computer courses.

John R. Pichler, President e-mail: jpichler@pichler.com
Phone: (301) 340-8981 Fax: (301) 340-9219

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