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About Pichler Computing

Pichler Computing (PCI) has been serving small to medium-sized businesses in the Washington, DC metro area since 1985.

PCI fills two niches in the computing industry. One is working with larger companies strictly on the development of database applications. The other is helping small businesses get on their feet and grow from there.

Database Application Development

PCI's larger clients are companies with established computing hardware platforms and information technology departments to fill those needs. In these larger companies, PCI has focused on database application development in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Contract Management and Invoicing
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Campaign Planning
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Publishing Database Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Budget Tracking
  • Project Management and Invoicing
  • Academic Student Tracking

Small Business Support

PCI has offered a "one-stop shopping" service so that small businesses would not need to find several vendors to satisfy many of the computing needs that all businesses have, such as,

  • PC application software and hardware procurement, installation and configuration
  • Network software and hardware procurement, installation and configuration
  • Training in the use of many desktop applications
  • Entry level website implementation

If a client has a computing need for a service that is outside the scope of those provided by PCI, we will assist the client in finding the solution. As businesses grow, we will grow with them. PCI has had many of its clients for over ten years, helping them grow to as much as twenty times their original size.

Below is partial list of PCI's clients over the years.

Partial Client List
American Academy of Optometry
Assn of Schools & Colleges of Optometry
Baltimore Hebrew University
E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc.
General Services Corporation
Hart Publishing, Inc.
Henry Jackson Foundation
Hughes Network Systems, Inc.
Jerry's Systems, Inc.
Marine Recovery Services
Medical Staffing Associates
Middle East Institute
Montgomery College
Montgomery Medical Group
MultiState Associates, Inc.
PG Private Industry Council
Phillips Business Information, Inc.
Phillips Publishing International, Inc.
Phillips Publishing, Inc.
R. K. Tongue, Inc.
Research and Data Systems, Inc.
Resource Data Corporation
Sandler Systems, Inc.
St. Lukes Institute
William Gardner, Attorney at Law
World Bank

John R. Pichler, President e-mail: jpichler@pichler.com
Phone: (301) 340-8981 Fax: (301) 340-9219

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